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  • noun [ masculinefeminine ]
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sceáda, (sceáde; f. (?)), an; m.
The top of the head, parting of the hair
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  • Hé tófylleþ feaxes scádan

    conquassabit verticem capilli,

      Ps. Th. 67, 21.
[Crulle was his heer, and as the gold it schon . . . Ful streyt and evene lay his joly schood. Miller's Tale, 130. The nayl y-dryven in the schode a-nyght. Knight's Tale, 1149. v. Halliwell's Dict. shed, and E. D. S. Pub. Lincolnshire, shed the parting of the hair. Cf. Prompt. Parv. schodynge of the heede discrimen: O. L. Ger. scéthlo, sceithlo vertex (capilli): O. H. Ger. sceitila vertex; fahs-sceitila cervix capilli.]
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v. preceding word.
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  • sceáda, n.