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  • noun [ feminine ]
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sceadwung, e; f.
An overshadowing
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  • On sumum earde dagas beóþ lengran, on sumon scyrtran for ðære eorþan sceadewunge (sceadwunge, MS. R.)

    in one land days are longer, in another shorter, because of the way in which the shadow falls on the earth,

      Lchdm. iii. 258, 4.
  • Se fulla móna fǽrlíce fágettaþ ðonne hé ðæs sunlícan leóhtes bedǽled biþ þurh ðære eorþan sceadwunge (

    by the casting of the earth's shadow

      Homl. Th. i. 610, 1.
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v. be-sceadwung.
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  • sceadwung, n.