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  • noun [ masculine ]
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sceóta, an; m.
A kind of trout, a shoate, shot [' Carew makes a distinction between the trout and shot. "The latter," he says, " is in a manner peculiar to Devon and Cornwall. In shape and colour he resembleth the Trowts: howbeit in biggnesse commeth farre behind him." The shoates with which is Tavy fraught. — Browne's Brit. Past.,' E. D. S. Pub. E. Cornwall Gloss. Shote, a small kind of trout, W. Cornwall]
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  • Hwilce fixas geféhst ðú ? . . . sceótan (


      Coll. Monast. Th. 23, 33.
Full form


  • sceóta, n.