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  • noun [ feminine ]
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scerwen, scerpen (?) a scattering (?), sharing (?), giving (?) (cf. be-scerwan
to deprive)
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  • Denum eallum wearð cénra gehwylcum eorlum ealuscerwen

    there was a fine feast for all the Danes

    (?) (the reference is to the disturbance caused by the fight between Beowulf and Grendel),
      Beo. Th. 1542; B. 769.
  • Myclade mereflód meoduscerwen (scerpen, MSS.) wearð æfter symbeldæge

    the flood increased; a fine feast was there after the banquet

    (the reference is to the flood which eame from the stone pillar, and swept away some of the
      Mermedonians. Cf. Ðæt wæs biter beórþegu:
    byrlas ne gǽldon ... ðǽr wæs ǽlcum genóg drync sóna gearu, 3063-3069; An. 1534-1537), Andr. Kmbl. 3051; An. 1528. v. Grmm. A. and E. pp. xxxvi, 133, and note to Wülcker's ed. of Grein.
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v.  ealu-scerwen -en medu-scerwen.
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  • scerwen, n.