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  • verb [ weak ]
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scremman, p. de
To make a person stumble, put a stumbling-block in a person's way
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  • Ne wirige ðú deáfe ne scremme ðú blinde

    non male*-*dices surdo, nec coram coeco pones offendiculum,

      Lev. 19, 14.
[The word, like scrimman, q. v., seems to suggest comparison with forms in mp. Cf. Icel. skreppa; p. skrapp to slip; the causative of this verb might appear in English as scrempan, whose meaning would be that given to scremman. Scrincan, screncan are parallel, as regards meaning, to scrimman, scremman.]
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v.  scrimman.
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  • scremman, v.