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  • verb [ weak ]
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slípan, slépan; p. te
To slip, put something on or off.
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  • Se hláford hefig gioc slépte on ða swyran sínra þegena

      Me: 9, 55.
  • Se cyning slýpte his beáh of

    the king slipped his ring off;

    tuiit rex annulum de manu sua

      Anglia ix 32, 158,
Goth. af-slaupjan thana fairnjan mannan to put off the old man
O. Sax. slópian to slip one's self from a bond
M. H. Ger. sloufen, ana-sloufen induere.
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Cf. slípe to take away the outside covering from anything, Halliwell's Dict.. Slype to strip off the skin or bark of anything, Jamieson's Dict.
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  • slípan, v.