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smeáh, smeóh; adj.
creeping in, penetrating
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  • Wið smeógan wyrme,

      Lchdm. iii. 10, 17.
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v. smea-wyrm.
subtle, crafty.
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  • Ðe man is jiep tojenes him seluen; þat is smegh oðer man to bicharren and to biswiken

      O. E. Homl. ii. 195, 5.
  • Cf. Two þing ben in þe manne, on his þat clene kinde þat God haueþ þeron broht þureh his smehnesse

    (wisdom, skill),

      205, 19.
  • Smeihliche bicharede,

      71, 28.
Icel. í-smeygiligr insinuating.
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See smeá-wrenc and other compounds with smeá-, and smeágan, ge-smeáh.
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v.  smeálíce smeá-wrenc smeá-wyrm.
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  • smeáh, adj.