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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Bægere, Bægware; gen. a; dat. um; pl. m.
The Bavarians; Bavarii, the Boiari, or Bajuvarii, whose country was called Boiaria, its German name is Baiern, now called the kingdom of Bavaria
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  • Mid Bægerum

    with the Bavarians,

    • Chr. 891; Th. 160, 24
    • .
  • Hí Maroaro habbaþ, be westan him, Þyringas, and Behemas, and Bægware healfe

    they, the Moravians, have, on their west, the Thuringians, Bohemians, and part of the Bavarians,

    • Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 18, 42
    • .
Full form


  • Bægere, n.