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  • verb [ weak ]
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swodrian, p. ode
To get drowsy, fall asleep
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  • Ic hnæppode and ic swodrode

    ego dormivi et soporatus sum,

      Ps. Spl. 3, 5.
[In his chaire he sat longe . . . a lutel he bigan to swoudri as a slep him nome. Þo þoȝte him in his swoudringe þat a whit coluere com, L. S. 439, 268. Cf. A day as he wery was, and a suoddrynge him nome . . . Seyn Cutbert to him com, R. Glouc. 264, 22. Halliwell gives zwodder = drowsy, dull, as a West-country word.]
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v. swaðrian, sweðrian.
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  • swodrian, v.