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  • verb [ weak ]
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teldian, p. ode, ede
To spread (a tent, an awning, a net, a snare, etc.)
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  • Teldat


      Wrt. Voc. ii. 105, 35: 15, 36.
  • Hí teldedon gryne and ða gehýddon

    absconderunt mihi interitum laquei sui,

      Ps. Th. 34, 8.
[Þenne mon wule tilden his musestoch, O. E. Homl. i. 53, 20. At pleȝe he (the devil) teldeð þe grune of idelnesse ... on þe grune þe þe werse haueð itelded ... Drinch, þere teldeð þe werse þe grune of unrihte, ii. 211, 13-27. Tristre is þer me sit, oðer tildeð þe nettes, A. R. 334, 1. Weoren teldes itælded, Laym. 17489. Fantummes of fendes (idols) telded on lofte, Allit. Pms. 78, 1342. Sone watȝ telded up a tapit on tresteȝ ful fayre, Gaw. 884. Þei tildeden Absalon a tabernacle (they spread Absalom a tent, 2 Sam. 16, 22), Wick. A green an other hath for hem ytilde, Pall. 110, 164. Icel. tjalda to spread a tent, to cover with an awning, stretch a covering over.]
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  • teldian, v.