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  • noun [ masculine ]
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tíd-ege, (?), es; m.
Fear of a time, fear of the time of death. v. tíd, I.
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  • Simle þreora sum þinga gehwylce ǽr his tídege (tide ge, MS.), tó tweón weorþeþ ádl oþþe yldo oþþe ecghete fǽgum fromweardum feorh óðþringeþ

    ever in every case, before the fear of his end becomes doubtful (before his fear of death has lost any of its certainty?), one of three things, disease or age or violence, crushes the life out of the fey man, outward bound from this world,

      Exon. Th. 310, 3; Seef. 69.
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  • tíd-ege, n.