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  • verb [ strong ]
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tó-licgan, p. -læg, pl. -lǽgon ; pp. -legen.
intrans. of roads, rivers, etc. , to lie or
run in different directions
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  • Heó (the Nile) tólíþ on twá ymb an ígland ðe mon hǽt Meroen

    the stream runs in two channels round the island of Meroen;

    faciens insulam nomine Meroën in medio sui.
      Ors. 1 , 1 ; Swt. 12, 32.
  • Ic wille ðara þreora landríca gemǽre gereccan hú hié mid hiera wætrum tólicgeaþ I will describe the boundaries, in what different directions they run ; ipsarum partium (

    the three divisions of the world)

    regiones significare curabo,
      Swt. 10, 5.
  • Nú hæbbe wé gesǽd ymbe ealle Europe landgemǽro hú hí tólicgaþ. Nú wille wé ymbe Affrica secgan hú ða landgemǽro tólicgaþ

    we have now told in respect to all the boundaries of the countries in Europe the several directions they take. Now we will tell of Africa how the different boundaries of the countries run,

      Swt. 24, 21-23.
  • Ðǽr ða wegas tólicgaþ

    where the roads run in different directions,

      Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iii. 411, 21.
  • II.

    trans. To lie between, to lie and part, to divide, separate

    :-- Seó eá tólíþ Witland and
      Weonodland, Ors. 1, 1; Swt. 20, 6.
  • Ǽlc ðæra sprǽca is tódǽled on manega ðeóda, and ða sint tólegena and tódǽlda mid sǽ and mid wudum and mid muntum,

      Bt. 18, 2; Fox 62, 34.
Full form


  • tó-licgan, v.