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trehing, (but þrihing in Lambarde. v. Schmid. A. S. Gesetz. 508). The form given in L. Ed. C. to the Scandinavian word, which in Icelandic appears as
Þriðjungr = the third part of a shire
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  • De treingis. Erant potestates super wapentagiis quas trehingas vocabant, scilicet, terciam partem provincie, et qui super ipsam dominabantur, trehing-gref. . . Et quod illi vocabant tria hundreda, vel iiii, vel plura, isti

    (those of Danish England)

    vocabant trehing. Et quod trehinge non poterat diffiniri, in scira servabatur,
      L. Ed. C. 31; Th. 1. 455, 17-25.
  • In Magna Carta, § 25, trethingii (pl.) occurs. The Anglicized form of the word probably began with þ, and Halliwell gives Thirdings as the term used of the Ridings. The present form, Riding, seems to have arisen from a confusion of the initial dental with the final sound of East, West, North.
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v.  þrihing.
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  • trehing, n.; num.