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  • verb [ weak ]
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tucian, (or túcian ?; in Piers P. (v. infra) touked occurs, but the form of the noun is tokkere as well as touker, Prol. 100 A-text, and Halliwell gives tucker = fuller as a western word); p. ode
To treat ill, to afflict, harass, vex
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  • Unrihtwíse cyningas ðe ðis wérige folc wyrst tuciaþ (quos miseri torvos populi timent tyrannos; ða unrihtwísan cyningas . . . ðe


    earme folc heardost ondrǽt,
      Bt. 36, 2; Fox 174, 26-29), Met. 24, 60.
  • Hé heora fela ofslóh and 16 sceame tucode

    percussit Philisthiim ingenti plaga,

      Jud. 15, 8: Homl. Skt. ii. 26, 11.
  • Hí man swang and tó ealre yrmðe tucode

    they were scourged and treated to (afflicted with] every misery,

      23, 106.
  • Hí man tó wæfersýne tucode mid gehwilcum witum, ii. 28, 129.
  • Swingan and tó ealre sorge tucigan, i. 23, 715.
  • Noldon hí ná cweþan ðæt hit wǽre wíte . . . and noldan nǽnne þingere sécan, ac lustlíce hí woldan lǽtan ða rícan hié tucian æfter hiora ágnum willan

    nec hos cruciatus esse dicerent, defensorumque operam repudiarent, ac se totos accusatoribus judicibusque permitterent.

      Bt. 38, 7; Fox 210, 14.
[Ure Lonerd was on fele wise rewliche tuked, O. E. Homl. ii. 21, 32. He was so scheomeliche ituked and so seoruhfuliche ipined, A. R. 366, 3. Leccherie tukeð ure al to wundre & þreat to don hire schome, H. M. 17, 10. Ha tukeð ure godes to balewe & to bismere, Kath. 551. þu tukest wroþe and uvele Hwar þu miht over smale fuzele, O. and N. 63. Cloth with taseles cracched, Ytouked and ytented, Piers P. 15, 447. Tuck to pinch severely, Devonshire: to smart with pain, Wilts. , Halliwell's Dict. O. H. Ger. zocchón rapere, diripere.]
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