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twelf-hynde, adj. As applied to a person, of the rank for which the wergild was twelve hundred shillings; applied to the wergild, that must be paid for a person of such rank. As will be seen from the passages given below, the twelfhynde man was a þegn, and his importance, as marked by the wergild and otherwise, was six times that of the
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  • Ǽnig mǽgð, xii-hynde oþþe twyhynde,

      L. Ath. v. 8, 2; Th. i. 236, 10.
  • Be xii-hyndum men. Gif hé sié twelfhynde,

      L. Alf. pol. 31; Th. i. 80, 14.
  • Gif hió sié cirlisc mid .lx. sciłł. gebéte . . . Gif hió sié xii-hyndu .cxx. sciłł. gebéte,

      18; Th. i. 72, 15.
  • Be twelfhyndes monnes wífe forlegenum. Gif mon hǽme mid twelfhyndes monnes wífe, hundtwelftig sciłł. gebéte ðam were . . . Cierliscum men feówertig sciłł. gebéte,10; Th. i. 68, 8-12.
  • Twelfhyndes monnes burgbryce .xxx. sciłł . . . Ceorles edorbryce .v. sciłł.,

      40; Th. i. 88, 9-11.
  • Twelfhyndes mannes wer is twelfhund scyllinga (cf. Ceorles wergild is on Myrcna lage .cc. sciłł. Ðegnes wergild is syx swá micel,

      L. M. L.; Th. i. 190, 1.
  • Twelf*-*hindus est homo plene nobilis, i. thainus cujus wera est duodecies .c. soł.,

      L. H. 76, 4; Th. i. 581, 17.
  • Twelfhinde, i. thaini,

      70, 1; Th. i. 572, 22.
  • See also L. W. I. 8; Th. i. 470, 14),

      L. E. G. 12; Th. i. 174, 13.
  • Twelfhyndes mannes áð forstent .vi. ceorla áð; for ðam gif man ðone twelfhyndan man wrecan sceolde, hé biþ fullurecan on syx ceorlan, and his wergyld biþ six ceorla wergyld,

      L. O. 13; Th. i. 182, 19-22.
    xii-hyndum men twyfealdlíce be ðæs syxhyndan bóte, L. Alf. pol. 39; Th. i. 88, 4.
  • Æt twyhyndum were mon sceal sellan tó monbóte .xxx. sciłł. . . . æt twelfhyndum .cxx. (cf. ad manbotam de twelfhindo, i. thaino .cxx. soł.,

      L. H. 69; Th. i. 572, 19), L. In. 70; Th. 146, 14.
  • Æt twelfhyndum were gebyriaþ twelf men tó werborge,

      L. E. G. 12; Th. i. 174, 18, 24.
  • Cnut cing grét . . . ealle míne þegnas twelfhynde and twihynde, Chart. Th. 308, 16: Chart. Erl. 229, 20. ¶ In the following passage where the word is used without a noun perhaps

    wer may be supplied :-- Hú man sceal gyldan twelfhyndes man (=twelfhyndes weres man a man with a wergild of twelve hundred shillings ),

      L. E. G. 12; Th. i. 174, 12. v. six-, twi-hynde.
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  • twelf-hynde, adj.