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  • noun [ uncertain ]
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þegnest, (? related to þegnian as O. Sax. thionost,
O. L. Ger. thianust, thienest, O. H. Ger. dionóst, Icel. þjónusta are to verbs thionón, dionón, þjóna respectively; or(?) þénest, þeónest the English form corresponding to the nouns given above. The passage in which the word occurs separately refers to Germany, so perhaps the German form has been borrowed(?): where it occurs as the first part of a compound the form is þeónest; in the same passage, which is late, eó is written where é is the more regular form, as heót for hét; perhaps, however, the Scandinavian form has influenced the English) Service
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  • Þæs ilcan géres fór Aldréd biscop tó Colne ofer sǽ, and wearð ðær underfangen mid mycclan weorðscipe, and him geaf ǽgðer þéneste ge se biscop on Colone and se cásere,

      Chr. 1054; Erl. 189, 25.
  • (This passage occurs in only one MS.) v. next word, and þegnisc.
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  • þegnest, n.