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  • noun [ masculine ]
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undern, es; m.
The third hour of the day, nine in the morning; in later English (v. infra) it is used of the sixth hour, a use it seems to have in undern-rest, q.v.
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  • Undern tertia, middæg


      Wrt. Voc. i. 53, 11.
  • Undem is dæges þridde tíd,

      Btwk. 214, 33.
  • Ðæs hírédes ealdor gehýrde wyrhtan on ǽrnemerigen, eft on undern ... Se ǽrmerigen wæs fram Adam óð Noe, se undern fram Noe óð Abraham,

      Homl. Th. ii. 74, 7-19.
  • Tó undernes,

      Lchdm. ii. 194, 6.
  • Byð seó sceadu tó underne and tó nóne seofon and twéntigoþan healfes fótes

    the shadow at nine and at three is twenty-six and a half feet long,

      218, 3, and often. Æt underne ... ǽr underne, Blickl. Homl. 93, 22, 36.
  • Ǽr undern ... ofer undern

    mane ... vespere,

      Lev. 6, 20.
  • On ða þriddan tíd dæges, ðæt is on undern,

      Shrn. 79. 35.
  • Wé étaþ on ðam Sunnandagum on undern and on ǽfen,

      Homl. Skt. i. 12, 3.
  • Sele drincan on þreó tída, on undern, on middæg, on nón,

      Lchdm. ii. 140, 1.
  • Fram hancréde óð undern,

      Homl. Th. i. 74, 21: Chr. 538; Erl. 16, 2.
  • Ofor undern,

      Blickl. Homl. 93, 15.
  • Healfe tíd ofer undern,

      540; Erl. 16, 4.
  • Óð heáne undern

    usque ad tertiam plenam,

      R. Ben, 74, 11.
[Abuten undern deies ... abute swucke time alse me singeð messe (from prime oðet midmareȝen, hwenne preostes singeð heore messen, MS. C.), A. R. 24, 11. So ha dede at undren and and at midday also (Mt. 20, 3), Misc. 33, 22. At þon heye undarne (Acts 2, 15), 56, 657. It was the thridde our (that men clepen undrun), Wick. Mk. 15, 25. The time of undern of the same day, Ch. Cl. T. 260. But the word sometimes denotes a later hour Bi þis was undren (under, undrin) on þe dai (the sixth hour,
    Lk. 23. 44), C. M. 16741.
Undorne, 19830. The our was as the sixte or undurn,
    Wick. Jn. 4, 6.
An orendron, ornedrone meredies,
    Cath. Angl. 261,
where see note. See also the later English forms given under undern-mǽl, -mete, -tíd. O. Sax. undorn the third hour: O. Frs. ond, unden (and see Richthofen Wtbch.): O. H. Ger. untarn midday: Icel. undorn nine o'clock A.M. or three o'clock P.M.; a meal. Cf. Goth. undaurni-mats άριoτoν. As in the case of mǽl = meal, the word seems to have come to denote the eating that takes place at the time, which at first the word denoted. v. Halliwell's Dict. aandorn,]
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