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  • noun [ neuter ]
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BÉD, es; nom. acc. pl. bédu, bédo; n.
A prayer, supplication, religious worship; oratio, supplicatio, Dei cultus
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  • Ðæt he sceolde ða bédu [MS. B. byldo constancy] anescian

    that he should diminish [weaken] the prayers,

    • Bd. 1, 7; S. 477, 43
    • .
Béd is chiefly found in composition, as in, - Béd-hús a place for prayer, béd-dagas prayer-days, Rogation-days. The original word béd a prayer was superseded by ge-béd a prayer, q.v.
Orm. bede a prayer; acc. pl. bedess
Laym. acc. s. bede, bode a prayer; dat. s. ibede ; nom. pl. beden
R. Glouc. acc. pl. bedes prayers
Piers acc. pl. bedes prayers, - 'if I bidde any bedes
Piers and Chauc. also bedes, - 'a peire of bedes,' - a set of beads or small balls of glass etc. on a string, for counting prayers
O. Sax. beda ; gen. s. bede; dat. s. bedu
O. Frs. bede
M. H. Ger. bete
O. H. Ger. beta
Derived forms
béd-dagas, -hús, -ríp , gebéd, -dagas, -hús, -man, -rǽden, -stów
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  • BÉD, n.