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un-orne, adj.
Simple, plain, poor, mean, humble
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  • Dunnere, unorne ceorl,

    • Byrht. Th. 139, 18; By. 256.
[Crist warrþ unnorne and wrecche and usell child forr þatt he wollde uss alle maken riche,
  • Orm. 3368
. He warrþ an unnorne and wrecche mann,
  • 4884
. Crist wass unncuþ ȝet, and unnwurrþ, and unnorne,
  • 16163
. Heo beo ful unorne, oðer of feir elde,
  • A. R. 424, 5.
ȝef hire laverd is forwurþe and unorne at bedde and at borde,
  • O. and N. 1492.
Horn nis noȝt so unorn; Horn is fairer þane beo he,
  • Horn. 330.
He brohte hine uppen unorne mare, þet bitacneð ure unorne fleis,
  • O. E. Homl. i. 85, 3.
Hiss (John the Baptist) fode wass unnorne, forr nass nan esstemete þær,
  • Orm. 828: 11548
. Unnorne mete and wæde,
  • 6337
. Þet heo ne grucchie uor none mete, ne uor none drunche, ne beo hit neuer so unorne,
  • A. R. 108, 2.
Ower cloðes beon unorne, and warme, and wel iwrouhte,
  • 418, 17.
Mi stefne is bold and noht unorne, heo is ilich one grete horne,
  • O. and N. 317.
Swa (as Nichodemus did) to lefenn upponn Crist wass rihht unnorne læfe,
  • Orm. 16809.
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