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un-orne, adj.
Simple, plain, poor, mean, humble
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  • Dunnere, unorne ceorl,

      Byrht. Th. 139, 18; By. 256.
[Crist warrþ unnorne and wrecche and usell child forr þatt he wollde uss alle maken riche, Orm. 3368. He warrþ an unnorne and wrecche mann, 4884. Crist wass unncuþ ȝet, and unnwurrþ, and unnorne, 16163. Heo beo ful unorne, oðer of feir elde, A. R. 424, 5. ȝef hire laverd is forwurþe and unorne at bedde and at borde, O. and N. 1492. Horn nis noȝt so unorn; Horn is fairer þane beo he, Horn. 330. He brohte hine uppen unorne mare, þet bitacneð ure unorne fleis, O. E. Homl. i. 85, 3. Hiss (John the Baptist) fode wass unnorne, forr nass nan esstemete þær, Orm. 828: 11548. Unnorne mete and wæde, 6337. Þet heo ne grucchie uor none mete, ne uor none drunche, ne beo hit neuer so unorne, A. R. 108, 2. Ower cloðes beon unorne, and warme, and wel iwrouhte, 418, 17. Mi stefne is bold and noht unorne, heo is ilich one grete horne, O. and N. 317. Swa (as Nichodemus did) to lefenn upponn Crist wass rihht unnorne læfe, Orm. 16809.]
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  • un-orne, adj.