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  • noun [ masculine ]
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un-wrenc, es; m.
an evil trick, a malicious wile, a wicked artifice
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  • Ðisne unwrenc (

    the device practised by Potiphar's wife

    ) heó geþóhte,
      Gen. 39, 16.
  • Hé (


    ) bið eal unwrenca full,
      Wulfst. 97, 16.
  • Mid ðám unwrencan bið Antecrist eal áfylled,

      54, 15.
an evil practice, a vice
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  • For ðæm unwrence ðære ungeðylde

    per impatientiae vitium,

      Past. 33; Swt. 215, 19.
[He teð him to unwrenches (evil practices) to stele oðer refloc..., O. E. Homl. ii. 79, 28. Þet is his unwrench (artifice) ... he eggeð þe to a þing, þet þuncheð god, A. R. 268, 16. Ne spedestu noht mid þine unwrenche (your vile tricks), O. and N. 169.]
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  • un-wrenc, n.