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  • noun [ masculine ]
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úr, es; m.
A kind of ox, a bison; urus: also the name of the U-rune
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  • Úr ( ᚢ ) byþ ánmód and oferhyrned, feohteþ mid hornum mǽre mórstapa, Runic pm. Kmbl. 339,

      7; Rún. 2.
  • (The rune is written without representing a word, Exon.
      Th. 284, 32; Jul. 706.
  • ) [Goth. úraz name of the U-rune: Icel. úrr a kind of ox; úr the name of the U-rune: O. H. Ger. úr-ohso: Ger. auer-ochse.]
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  • úr, n.