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  • noun [ neuter ]
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bel-hús, bell-hús, es; n.
A BELL-HOUSE, campanile vel campanarium, turris in qua pendent tintinnabulum vel tintinnabula; a room or tower in the castle of a Thane, generally built between the kitchen and porter's lodge, where was a bell or bells to summon the inhabitants to prayers, and for other purposes;
  • Du Cange, fol. 1681, col. 712
  • ;
  • CAMPANA, col. 708
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  • Gif ceorl hæfde fíf hída ágenes landes cirican and cycenan, bell-hús ... ðonne wæs he þegen-rihtes weorþe

    if a freeman had five hides of his own land, a church and kitchen, a bell-house ... then was he worthy of thane-right

    • L. R. 2
    • ;
    • Th. i. 190, 15.
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v.  bell-hús.
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  • bel-hús, n.