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wit-leás, adj.
Witless, senseless
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  • On ðam fíftan mónþe hé (

    the fœtus

    ) biþ cwica and weaxeþ and seó módur líð witleás,
      Lchdm. iii. 146, 12.
[Ne wurðe non so witleas, A. R. 256, 25. Giff þin macche iss wis and god and tu wittlæs and wicke, Orm. 6197. Nis neure mon redles ar his heorte beo witles, O. and N. 692. Ine foles, and yne wytlease, þet ne habbeþ nenne skele, Ayenb. 86, 13. Icel. vit-lauss witless, foolish, mad.]
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  • wit-leás, adj.