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  • noun [ masculine ]
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wudu-wása, an; m.
A satyr, a faun
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  • Satiri, vel fauni, vel celini, vel fauni ficarii unfǽle men, wudewásan, unfǽle wihtu,

      Wrt. Voc. i. 17, 20.
  • Satyri vel fauni unfǽle men, ficarii vel invii wudewásan,

      60, 23-24.
  • Wudewásan


      Germ. 394, 242.
Sumwhyle wyth wodwos he werreȝ, þat woned in þe knarreȝ,
    Gaw. 721.
A vestoure wroȝt full of wodwose, and oþer wild bestis,
    Alex. (Skt.) 1540.
Wodewese, woodwose silvanus, satirus,
    Prompt. Parv. 531, and see note.
A wodewose silvanus,
    Wülck. Gl. 612, 2.
Wright, in a note to the second of the passages cited above from the Vocabularies, quotes from Withal's Dictionarie (ed. 1608) 'a woodwose satyrus.'
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  • wudu-wása, n.