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  • noun [ masculine ]
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wyrpel, es; m.
A vervel, a ring put on a falcon's leg. Thorpe in his note on the following passage quotes from Roquefort the explanation of the French vervelle: Large anneau qu'on passoit au pied d'un faucon pour le retenir
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  • Sum sceal wildne fugel átemian, heafoc on honda ... déþl hé wyrplas on, fédeþ swá on feterum fiþrum dealne (cf. the description of a falcon's equipment given in a M. H. Ger. poem, Haupt Zsch. 7,

      341, quoted by Leo:
    Lancvezzel, würfel and hoselín, daz waren diu kleit sín), Exon. Th. 332, 19; Vy. 87.
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  • wyrpel, n.