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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Beorg-ford, Beorh-ford, es; m. [beorg a hill, ford a ford; collis ad vadum]
BURFORD in Oxfordshire
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  • Hér Cúþréd, Wæst-Seaxna cining, gefeaht ðý xxii geára his ríces, æt Beorgforda [MS. Beorhforda], wið Æðelbald, Myrcena cing, and hine geflýmde here, in 752,

    Cuthred, king of the West-Saxons, fought in the twenty-second year of his reign, at Burford, with Æthelbald, king of the Mercians, and conquered him,

      Chr. 752; Erl. 49, 13.
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  • Beorg-ford, n.