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  • verb [ weak ]
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Add: To buy off or out, where a result is obtained by payment
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  • Hǽþenne here him fram áceápian,

      C. D. B. iii. 75, 3.
  • Búton hé him wille fǽhðe of áceápian

    unless he will buy off the feud from himself

      Ll. Th. i. 150, 2.
  • On ðá gerád ðæt hine náge nán man of tó áceápienne on the condition that no man is to buy him out of the land he holds, i. e.

    get it by paying a higher rent

      Cht. Th. 151, 14.
  • [Cf. O. H. Ger. er-kaufen redimere.] Cf. á-bycgan.
Full form


  • á-ceápian, v.