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be-reccan, -reccean; p. -reahte, -rehte; pp. -reaht, -reht.
to relate, recount, explain; narrare, exponere
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  • Nú wille we sum þing scortlíce eów be him bereccan

    now will we relate to you shortly something concerning him,

    • Nat. S. Greg. Els. 3, 2.
to explain one's conduct, justify one's self; se excusare, se purgare, accusatorum criminibus respondere
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  • Hí simle séceaþ endleáse ládunga, hú hie bereccan [MS. C. bereccean] mǽgen

    they always seek endless excuses, how they may justify themselves,

    • Past. 35, 2
    • ;
    • Hat. MS. 45 a, 19.
  • Him wæs lýfnesse seald ðæt he him móste scyldan and besecgan [MS. B. bereccan]

    accepit locum se defendendi,

    • Bd. 5, 19
    • ;
    • S. 640, 11, note.
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  • be-reccan, v.