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  • verb [ strong ]
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be-scúfan, p. -sceáf, pl. -scufon; pp. -scofen; v. a.
To shove, thrust, cast, hurl or throw, to precipitate; intrudere, immittere, detrudere, præcipitare
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  • Hét hine ðá niman, and ðǽr on bescúfan

    then ordered to take him, and to shove him in there,

      Ors. 1, 12; Bos. 36, 38.
  • Wá biþ ðǽm, ðe sceal sáwle bescúfan in fýres fæðm

    woe shall be to him, who shall thrust a soul into the fire's embrace,

      Beo. Th. 371; B. 184.
  • Se mihtiga cyning niðer bescúfeþ in súsla grúnd

    the mighty king casteth thee down into the abyss of sulphur,

      Elen. Kmbl. 1883; El. 943.
  • Ðé se Ælmihtiga heolstor besceáf

    the Almighty cast thee into darkness,

      Andr. Kmbl. 2384; An. 1193.
  • Seó heord wearþ on sǽ bescofen

    grex precipitatus est in mare,

      Mk. Bos. 5, 13.
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