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  • verb [ strong ]
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be-swincan, p. -swanc, pl. -swuncon; pp. -swuncen
To toil, labour, make with toil; laborare
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  • Ic sende eów to rípanne, ðæt ðæt ge ne be-swuncon; óðre swuncon, and ge eódon on hyra geswinc

    ego misi vos metere quod vos non laborastis; alii laboraverunt, et vos in labores eorum introistis,

      Jn. Bos. 4, 38.
  • Ðæt hrægl is beswuncen

    laboratur vestis,

      Ælfc. Gr. 19; Som. 22, 48.
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v.  swincan.
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  • be-swincan, v.