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  • verb [ weak ]
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be-tǽcan, p. -tǽhte, pl. -tǽhton; pp. -tǽeht; v. a. [be by, tǽcan to teach, shew] .
to shew; ostendere
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  • He eów betǽcþ mycele healle

    ipse ostendet vobis cænaculum magnum,

      Lk. Bos. 22, 12.
BETAKE, impart, deliver, commit, put in trust; impertire, adsignare, tradere, commendare
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  • Ic betǽce híg ðam yrþlincge

    adsigno eos aratori,

      Coll. Monast. Th. 20, 31.
  • Sum man clypode hys þeówas, and betǽhte hym hys ǽhta

    homo vocavit servos suos, et tradidit illis bona sua,

      Mt. Bos. 25, 14; a
    man clepide his seruauntis, and bitoke to hem his goodis, Wyc : Gen. 9, 2 : Ps. Th. 104, 17 : Ors. 2, 5; Bos. 48, 6.
  • Swá us be-tǽhton, ða ðe hit of frymþe gesáwon

    sicut tradiderunt nobis, qui ab initio ipsi viderunt,

      Lk. Bos. 1, 2 : Elen. Kmbl. 1167; El. 585.
  • Man hý ðære abedissan betǽhton

    they committed her to the abbess,

      Chr. 1052; Ed. 181, 28.
  • Ðæt we móton ðé betǽcan sáwle úre

    that we may commit our souls to thee,

      Hy. 7, 82; Hy. Grn. ii. 289, 82 : Runic pm. 20 : Kmbl. 343, 18; Hick. Thes. i. 135.
to send, follow, pursue; mittere, insequi, amandare
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  • Betǽcan [MS, betæcen] cildru on scóle

    to send children to school;

    mittere pueros in scholam,
      Obs. Lun. § 4; Lchdm. iii. 184, 28.
  • Mid swiftum húndum ic betǽce wildeór

    with swift hounds I pursue wild beasts;

    cum velocibus canibus insequor feras,
      Coll. Monast. Th. 21, 27.
  • Ic betǽce fram me


      Ælfc. Gr. 47; Som. 48, 35.
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