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  • verb [ strongcontracted ]
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be-teón, p. -teáh, pl. -tugon; pp. -togen.
to draw over or
round, cover, surround, inclose, protect; obducere, superinducere, circumducere, concludere, munire
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  • Heora scyldas wǽron betogene mid hýdum

    their shields were covered with hides,

      Ors. 5, 7; Bos. 107, 8.
  • Betogen [betogan MS.] cræt

    a covered carriage;

      Ælfc. Gl. 49; Wrt. Voc. 34, 23.
  • Híg betugon mycele menigeo fixa

    concluserunt copiosam multitudinem piscium,

      Lk. Bos. 5, 6.
  • Se reáda æppel biþ betogen mid ánfealdre rinde, and monig corn on-innan him hæfþ

    in malo punico uno exterius cortice multa interius grana muniuntur,

      Past. 15, 5; Hat. MS. 19 b, 22. v.
    teón I.
to leave by law, bequeath; legare,
    Th. Diplm. A. D. 1037; 567, 9.
to bring a charge against any one, accuse; criminari, accusare
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  • Beteáh Gosfrei Bainard Willelm of Ou

    Geoffrey Bainard accused William of Eu,

      Chr. 1096; Th. 362, 32.
  • Se ðe biþ betogen

    he who is accused,

      L. In. 54; Th. i. 136, 10 : 71; Th. i. 148, 2.
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