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  • verb [ strong ]
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be-weorpan, -wyrpan; ic -weorpe, ðú -wyrpst, he -weorpeþ, -wyrpþ, pl. -weorpaþ; p. -wearp, pl. -wurpon; pp. -worpen.
to cast, cast down, throw; projicere, dejicere
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  • Seó cwén hét [híg] ðam cyninge heáfod ofaceorfan, and bewyrpan on ánne cylle

    the queen commanded [them] to cut off the king's head, and to cast it into a vessel,

      Ors. 2, 4; Bos. 45, 33.
  • Hwæt bewearp ðé on ðás gnornunga

    what has cast thee into these lamentations?

      Bt. 7, 2; Fox 16, 25.
  • He hæfþ us beworpen on ealra wíta mǽste

    he hath cast us down into the greatest of all torments,

      Cd. 21; Th. 25, 13; Gen. 393.
  • Ic wæs hér unscildig on pytt beworpen

    I was thrown here innocent into a dungeon,

      Gen. 40, 15.
to cast about or
over, cover over, surround; conjicere, supertegere, cingere
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  • Hláford, lǽt hine [fíctreów] gyt ðis geár, óþ ic hine bedelfe, and ic hine beweorpe mid meoxe Lord, suffer it [the fig-tree] yet this year, till I dig about it, and cast it about [surround it] with dung, Lk. Bos. 13, 8 : Oft beweorpeþ ánre þecene wundrum gewlitegad

    often casts over with a covering wondrously adorned,

      Exon. 128 b; Th. 493, 20; Rä. 81, 34.
  • Hafaþ fægerne eard wætre beworpen

    it hath a fair dwelling surrounded with water,

    Runic pm.
      28; Kmbl. 345, 8; Hick. Thes. i. 135.
Derived forms
DER. weorpan.
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v.  be-wyrpan.
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  • be-weorpan, v.