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  • verb [ weak ]
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To cause pity in a person (dat.). [For constructions cf. of-hreówan.]
used impersonally with gen. of cause
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  • Hwám ne maeg earmian swylcere tíde

    to whom will there not be pity for such a time?,

      Chr. 1086; P. 218, 4.
with cause of pity as subject
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  • Him earmode þǽr[e] ungesǽligan angin

    the unhappy woman's enterprise was. a cause of pity to him,

      Hml. A. 196, 29.
[Cf. Goth. arman to pity: O. H. Ger. parmén miserari.]
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v. of-earmian; earmung; and cf. irman.
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  • earmian, v.