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blanden-feax, bionden-feax, -fex; adj. [blanden; pp. of blandan to mix; feax, fex hair]
Having mixed or grizzly hair, grey-haired, old; comam mixtam vel canam habens, senex. Blanden-feax is a phrase which in Anglo-Saxon poetry is only applied to those advanced in life; and is used to denote that mixture of colour which the hair assumes on approaching or increasing senility, Price's Warton i. xcvi. note 20
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  • Gelpan ne þorfte beorn blandenfeax [MS. blandenfex, col. 2] bilgeslehtes

    the grizzly-haired warrior ought not to boast of the clashing of swords,

      Chr. 937; Th. 204, 34, col. 1; Æðelst. 45.
  • Abraham ne wénde, ðæt him Sarra, brýd blondenfeax, bringan meahte on woruld sunu

    Abram thought not that Sarah, his grey-haired wife, could bring a son into the world,

      Cd. 107; Th. 141, 7; Gen. 2341: 123; Th. 157, 5; Gen. 2600: Beo. Th. 3586; B. 1791.
  • Blondenfexa

    the grizzly-haired,

      5916; B. 2962.
  • Hruron teáras blondenfeaxum

    tears fell from the grizzly-haired [prince],

      3750; B. 1873.
  • Blondenfeaxe, gomele, ymb gódne ongeador sprǽcon

    the grizzly-haired, the old, spoke together about the good [warrior],

      3193; B. 1594.
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  • blanden-feax, adj.; part.