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Substitute: To drive,
to force a living creature
to move
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  • Gif ic in Belzebub fordrífo dióules, suno iúera in huǽm hiá gedrífes


      1, Mt. L. 12, 27.
  • Hé gedrifen wæs


    from diówlæ on woesternum,
      Lk. L. 8, 29.
  • Suna ríces biðon gedrifen


    in ðyóstrum,
      Mt. L. 8, 12.
to impel matter
by physical force, to carry along (of wind or water)
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  • Þ scipp gedrifen wæs


    from ýðum,
      Mt. 14, 24.
  • Ǽlc ceápscip frið hæbbe . . . gyf hit undrifen bið. And þéh hit gedriuen beó, and hit ætfleó tó hwilcre friðbyrig . . . , habban þá men frið,

      Ll. Th. i. 286, l.
to force matter into something, cram. v. full-gedrifen.
to carry out, effect, drive a bargain
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  • Hé hreówlíce his ceáp gedrifan hæfde,

      Hml. S. 23, 585.
[O. H. Ger. ge-tríban agere, adigere, com-, im-pellere.]
Full form


  • ge-drífan,