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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Boruct-ware, gen. a; dat. um; pl. m: Boructuari, -orum; pl. m. A people of ancient Germany, occupying the country between the Rhine, the Lippe, Ems, and Weser; Bructĕri =
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  • Wǽron Frysan, Rugine, Dene, Hune, Eald-Seaxan, Boructware

    sunt Fresones, Rugini, Danai, Hunni, Antiqui Saxones, Boructuari,

      Bd. 5, 9; S. 622, 16.
  • Tacitus always mentions the Bructeri with the Tencteri,-Bructeri et Tencteri,

      Ann. xiii. 56: Hist. iv. 21, 77.
  • Zeuss supposes they may have inhabited the country near the Lippe, which was called

    Boroctra or Borhtergo,

      Deut. Nachbarst. 353.
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v.  Boruchtuari.
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  • Boruct-ware, n.