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  • noun [ masculine ]
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BÓSG, bósig, bósih, es; m? n? An ox or cow-stall, where the cattle stand all night in winter; a
BOOSE, as it is now called by the common people, in the Midland and Northern counties. It is now [1874] more generally used for the upper part of the stall where the fodder lies,-They say, 'you will find it in the cow's boose,' that is, in the place for the cow's food; præsepium
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  • Of bósge

    a præsepio,

      Lk. Rush. War. 13, 15.
  • Of bósih

    a præsepio,

      Lk. Lind. War. 13, 15.
[Frs. bos a cottage: Ger. banse, m. or f: Goth. bansts, m. a barn: Dan. baas, c: Swed. bås, n: Icel. bás, m. stabulum, præsepium bovis, Rask Hald.]
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  • BÓSG, n.