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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-mótian, p. ode.
to talk about; ge-mótian ymb (be)
to discuss
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  • Ús þingð genóh ꝥ wé ymbe þæs bissextus wurðscipe habbað þus gemótod, and ymbe his geréna manega þing gehrepod,

      Angl. viii. 308, 9.
  • Wé habbað be pám bissextum gemótud, and be Ianuarium manega þing gehrepode,

      309, 23.
to attain by argument or
discussion, to discuss to purpose
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  • Leóf, hwonne bið ángu spǽc geendedu, gif mon ne mæg nówðer ne mid wed ne mid áða geendigan? oððe gif mon ǽlcne dóm wile onwendan ðe Ælfréd cing gesette, hwonne habbe wé gemótad ?

    Sir, when will any suit be ended, if it can be ended neither with pledge nor with oath ? or if people want to upset every law that king Alfred made, when have our meetings and discussions been to any purpose

      Cht. Th. 172, 4-10.
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  • ge-mótian, v.