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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Bráden, Brǽden, es; m. [Flor. Bradene: so called from its size, from brád, brǽd broad, open, spacious; dene, es; m. vallis, locus silvestris, v. denu]
BREDON Forest, near Malmesbury, Wiltshire; silvæ nomen in agro Wiltoniensi
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  • Hie cómon to Creccageláde, and fóron ðǽr ofer Temese, and námon, ǽgðer ge on Brádene, ge ðǽr ymbútan, eall ðæt hie gehentan mehton

    they came to Cricklade, and there they went over the Thames, and took, both in Bredon, and thereabout, all that they could carry off,

      Chr. 905; Th. 180, 22, col. 1, 2.
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v.  Brǽden.
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  • Bráden, n.