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hád-bryce, Dele ' a violation of holy orders'.
In 1. 4 after mǽðe add, swá be were swá be wíte swá be lahslite swá be ealre are (secundum omnia quę habet malefactor. This is the rendering in the 'Instituta Cnuti', which gives the first clause of the law thus: Qnicnmque uiolauerit ordinem, sicut est aut monachum aut presbyterum aut aliquem ordinatum uerberauerit aut aliquid huiusmodi fecerit). For Swt. A. S. Rdr. 109, 148 substitute
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  • Þurh hádbrycas,

      Wlfst. 164, 4: 130, 4.
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v. hád-bót.
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  • hád-bryce,