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A wood on a hill-side, and add
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  • Tó foxhangran; of ðám hangran,

      C. D. vi. 106, 1.
  • Of ðám ellenstubbe on ðone yfemestan hangran,

      iii. 384, 5.
  • [For a discussion of the word and for a number of compound forms in which it occurs see Cht. Crw. p. 134. Other forms which occur, and which connect the word with trees, are:
  • Tó byric*-*hangran,

      C. D. iii. 412, 8.
  • Tó perhangran,

      C. D. B. iii. 97, 3.
  • Tó ðan þriddan þorne æt wírhangran,

      C. D. v. 297, 18.
  • On sealhangran (cf. tó sahlbeorge (sealh-?),

      iii. 451, 17;
  • tó sealhyrstæ,

      v. 256, 1), vi. 234, 18.
See also N. E. D. and D. D. s. v. hanger, and Midd. Flur. s. v. hangra.]
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v. wróht-hangra.
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  • hangra,