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  • noun [ masculine ]
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heal-stán, healstan(?), helsta(?) [v. heall a stone. Cf. Icel. hellu-steinn a flat stone; Hall-steinn (a proper name). Perhaps the word, which seems litele used, occurring only in glosses, may have ceased to be recognized as a compound, and the vowel of the second element may have been shortened. In this case it is possible that healstan may have been taken for the oblique case of a weak noun healsta (cf. (?) flán, flá), and this might account for the form helsta, and the adjective hilsten, q. v.]
. A flat cake with a hard crust, so called because of the hardness of its crust [cf. for similar terms pflasterstein in German, pavé in French, for a hard kind of cake], a crust
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  • Crustula similis haalstaan


      Txts. 55, 604.
  • Helsta vel rinde


      Wrt. Voc. ii. 137, 22.
  • Healstánes crustule (buccellam


    semiplenam penniger praepes hiulco advexerat rostro,
      Ald. 33, 19), 79, 33.
  • Healstan colliridam (v. (?)


    conspersam oleo,
      Lev. 8, 26), ii. 14, 56.
  • Halstánum crustulis (sportulas


      An. Ox. 3858) et tortellis refertas, Ald. 53, 22), 83, 62.
  • Healstánum,

      18, 50.
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v.  heall heall-stán.
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  • heal-stán, n.