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  • noun [ masculine ]
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bryne-welm, -wylm, es; m.
A burning flame, flame of fire, burning heat; incendii fervor vel æstus
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  • Brynewylmum mealt gifstól Geáta

    the gift chair of the Goths was consumed by flames of fire,

      Beo. Th. 4642; B. 2326: Exon. 42a; Th. 142, 14; Gú. 644.
  • In helle heó brynewelme bídan sceolden sáran sorge

    in hell they must endure great sorrow from the burning heat,

      Cd. 213; Th. 266, 24; Sat. 27.
Full form


  • bryne-welm, n.