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The original Latin describing Guthlac's family is: Hujus viri progenies per nobilissima illustrium regum nomma antiqua ab origine ICLES digesto ordine cucurrit. Icel is mentioned in Mercian royal genealogies Cnebba wæs Iceling, Icel Eámǽring, Chr. 626; P. 24, 11 : 755; P. 50. 6.Cnebba Icling, [Ic]il Eámǽring,Txts. 170, 93.See Chadwick's Origin of the English Nation s. v.[The name occurs in a charter On Icæles ǽwilnias tó Æðelbrihtes mearce,C. D. iii. 130, 33.]
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  • Iclingas,