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lád-rinc, For 'The word, ... vehicularius' substitute: In attempting to determine the meaning of this word it should be noticed that lád in all its other compounds, lád-mann, -scipe, -teáh, -teów, has the force of leading, guidance. The
lád-rinc seems to be a guide, and his special character in the passage given above may be inferred from the following passage
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  • Si aduenae de aliis regionibus aduenirent, debebant ducatum habere ad aliam regalem uillam quae proxima fuisset in illorum uia,

      C.D. v. 159, 8-11.
  • Cf. too: ductor, qui ad conducendum aliquem in via per alterius regionem datus est a quovis principe, Migne.
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  • lád-rinc,