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Add: [Weler is generally used where modern English would have lip, e. g. in Ps. 51, 15 (quoted at R. Ben.
69, 9) labia is rendered by weleras in R. Ben. 62, 10, and in all the versions of the Psalter.] I. either of the two fleshy structures which form the edges of the mouth: — Hunigswéte reádum andþraciaþ lippan smǽrum
mellea (tune) roseis herescunt labia labris,
    An. Ox. 3186.
with special reference
to feeding
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  • Smǽrum gífrum and mid grǽdigum lippum

    buccis ambronibus et labris lurconibus.

      An. Ox. 699.
to speech
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  • Míne lippan þú geopena

    labia mea aperies,

      R. Ben. I. 69, 9.
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  • lippa,