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the middle point or
part of a line, area, volume, number, &c.
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  • Þ híw byð gecíged omoeuteleuton swá oft swá se middel and se ýtemesta dǽl geendað on gelícum stæfgefége,

      Angl. viii. 332, 13.
the position of being among or surrounded by a number of people or within a town, &c. ,
midst of
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  • Hé hleóp on ðone mere and stód on ðára midle

    he jumped into the mere and stood in the midst of them

    (the thirty-nine soldiers),
      Shrn. 62, 10.
  • Hé wæs lytel in ðám midle Crístes þegna (

    in medio discipulorum),

      Gr. D. 218, 1.
  • Ne wyrð seó nǽfre onwend þá hwíle þe God byð on hire midle,

      Ps. Th. 45, 4.
the middle of the body
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  • Oð middil

    pube ( puue, MS. ) tenus,

      Hpt. 33, 251, 25.
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  • middel,