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  • noun [ masculine ]
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byrgea, byrigea, byriga, berigea, an; m. [borh, borg a pledge, security]
A person who gives a pledge, a surety; fidejussor
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  • Gif ðú hæbbe býrgean, mana ðone ðæs ángyldes

    if thou have a surety, admonish him of the recompense,

      L. In. 22; Th. i. 116, 11.
  • Mid lx scillinga gebéte ðam byrgean

    let amends be made to the surely with sixty shillings,

      L. Alf. pol. 18; Th. i. 72, 12, 15, 16: L. In. 31; Th. i. 122, 6.
  • Se man ðam óðrum byrigean geselle

    let the man give surety to the other,

      L. H. E. 8; Th. i. 30, 12.
  • Gif he byrigan forwærne

    if he retuse surety,

      9, 10; Th. i. 30, 15, 17.
  • Him man wilsumne berigean geselle [MS. gefelle]

    let a man give him a sufficient surety,

      6; Th. i. 30, 5.
Derived forms
DER. leód-gebyrgea.
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v.  byrga byriga byrigea borgian.
Full form


  • byrgea, n.