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  • noun [ masculine ]
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cæg-loca, an; m.
The action of locking up, a key-locking, any repository locked up; clavis et loculamentum
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  • Búton hit under ðæs wífes cǽglocan [cǽglocum MS. A.] gebroht wǽre, sý heó clǽne, ac ðæra cǽgean heó scéal weardian; ðæt is, hire hordern, and hire cyste, and hire tege

    unless it has been brought under his wife's 'lock and key,' let her be clear; for it is her duty to keep the keys of them; namely, her 'hord-ern,' and her chest, and her cupboard,

      L. C. S. 77; Th. i. 418, 19-22.
  • The Latin version reads: 'Sed suum hordern quod dicere possumus dispensam, et cistam suam, et teage, id est scrinium suum, debet ipsa custodire.' A similar provision is found in the old Scottish law: 'Tamen uxor in certis casibus respondere tenebitur; videlicet, si furtum inveniatur sub clavibus suis quas ipsa habet sub cnstodia et cura sua, utpote spensæ, arcæ suæ vel scrinii sui. Et si aliquod furtum sub clavibus suis inveniatur, uxor cum viro suo tamquam ei consentaneus erit culpabilis et punietur,'

    Qwon. Attachi.

    xii. c. 7.
  • There is a republication of the same law in the Stat. Willielmi Regis, with this variation: 'Spensa et arca robarum et jocalium suorum et de scrinio seu coffero,' xix. c. 3.
  • We may therefore, perhaps, render the terms in the quotation above, '

    locked up in her store-room, her chest, and her cupboard,'

      L. Th. i. 418, note b.
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  • cæg-loca, n.